Wednesday, August 20, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Alabama to regulate VOIP?: "Now we can add Alabama to the list of States which are taking action with
regard to VoIP.

Last week, the Alabama PSC at it's Commission meeting on August 12th,
ordered a 'Declaratory Proceeding' on VoIP in response to a request
received from 31 of Alabama's ILECs for a Declaratory Ruling finding

'(1) providers of intrastate phone-to-phone IP telephone service or
other Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) configurations (collectively,
'IP Telephone Service') are 'transportation companies' as defined by
Alabama Code 37-2-1 (1975);

(2) providers of intrastate IP Telephony Service are subject to APSC
rules applicable to the provision of telephone service, including the
filing of tariffs; and

(3) providers of IP Telephony Service are responsible for
the payment of intrastate access charges for the origination or
termination of non-local traffic from or to the ILEC's public switched
telephone network that originate and terminate in Alabama.'

The written order is not yet available but should be out later this week.
Details will be availalbe in Docket No. 29016 at the Alabama PSC."


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