Wednesday, August 20, 2003 : packet8 review : packet8 review:

Below is a good review of Packet thanks to

"Now that I've got my packet8 phone fully functioning, I thought I'd give a review.
The call quality is excellent. The people that I've spoken to can't tell that I'm on a IP based phone at all. While the call is in place, both Jess and I are able to use the Internet normally without any noticable degredation in call quality. My ears, apparently, are super sensitive, as I notice more LAG when I'm talking to someone. The amount of time between my questions and the person I am calling's responses seems to be a little bigger. But, like I said, no one else noticed. At one point, during a call, I decided to upload a large file to an internet server. Because I have a 128kbps upload cap, my upload maxxed it out. When this happened, I was able to hear the person I was talking to perfectly. However, my words were garbled and could not be understood. More upstream bandwidth would certainly solve this problem. However, in a world where that can't be changed, the best option is to ensure that no large uploads or downloads take place while you're on the phone. Geekier users might find a way to devote bandwidth to the phone while it is in use. I believe it supports QoS which means, if your router understands this, it would handle packet prioritization on its own.
The service comes with a DTA310. This is a small box that you hook up to a phone on one end, and your internet router on the other. It handles all of the translation making it possible to use a standard telephone with the service. The box has a web interface, however, there is very little information on the web about this item, and it came without a manual, so most of the options there are useless since there are no instructions to help you configure them.
An email to their tech support confirmed that you cannot use a softphone with their service. I'm not sure if there is special"


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