Monday, September 22, 2003

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Seems like Vonage users are contesting the regulatory charge Vonage is levying.

broadband � Forums � Voice over IP � New Reg fee confirmed: "I have disputed the charge and asked for Arbitration via Vonage's TOS. Some of the charges aka TAXES that ILECS and CLECS charge you are valid but there are MANY that you can dispute and not have to pay them. There are people that make BIG money analyzing your phone bill and get paid from fees they recover for you. Just because they say its a tax doesn't mean its a tax you have to pay. Phone companies have been notorious on passing on fees to the consumer when actually these are fees that the phone company must pay themselves as part of doing business. I would recommend everyone disputing the charges and asking for Arbitration and ask Vonage to provide you the Federal or State statue that requires you to pay this new fee. Every tax has a WRITTEN statue that explains why this fee exists. If they cannot provide the documentation to you then its a non existing statue that you do not need to pay. I have done this many a time and won most of the time so I am speaking from experience. God you cant imagine the type of fees they try to tack onto a T-1 line that just don't exist."


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