Monday, September 22, 2003

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more Vonage users complaining about the needless regulatory fee they are being charged

broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » New Reg fee confirmed: "I called and asked them about the 'Free' fax line on my business account. It is, as you would expect, no longer free -- even though their website still advertises it as such.

There is no way, from the dashboard, to disable the FAX line. You have to call them up to do it.

Side note -- I think this recovery fee is complete BS. Simply put -- since Vonage is the 'end user' of each of the lines they get from their ILECs/CLECs they have been paying these fees all along. It could be said we have been paying them all along as part of our total monthly fee. (Exceptions to state sales tax in NJ -- don't know about the exise tax though).

I resent the fact that Vonage believes that we as a whole are naive enough to believe that we are getting a discount (or not in the case of business customers) but are now forced to pay the taxes that Vonage has been paying all along.

I would expect this from my politician, not Vonage."


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