Monday, September 15, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Vonage 911 routed to the wrong number: "Vonage 911 routed to the wrong number

you might want to check your 911 service...

I just tried to call (to report a noise problem) and ended up at a trooper station about 20 miles from me - not the correct one for my address. This should raise a couple of red flags...

Here is the email I sent to Vonage - I'll keep you in the loop on progress:

Subject: 911 service routed to the wrong number - important

I had to use the Vonage 911 service to file a noise complaint...

When I called the 911 from my xxx-xxx-xxxx line I was connected to the Hawthorne State Police Station.
That is unfortunately the completely wrong station!!!!

The correct station for my address on file for 911 with you is:
New York State Police
Memorial Drive
Krugers, NY (or Cortlandt Manor NY)
The direct number I have is: 914-737-7171 (This is the number I finally used to call and file my complaint)

Please correct this mistake for all my lines and send me a confirmation when the right number is linked up to the account.

Please also add a feature where customers can review the 911 number that you are mapping to avoid such an incident in a real emergency."

Though Vonage touts 911, they can't route calls to the right 911 PSAP, see post above. Not only does this delay emergency response but it also provides people with false security in thinking they have a working 911 service with Vonage.


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