Thursday, September 04, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Flashing Your Packet8 Firmware...: "Just got my DTA from Packet 8 yeserday and noticed
the firmware was version 1.0

Has anyone attempted to download any new versions
of the firmware assuming there is a one?

Here's how to do the download in case you didn't
see the post:

* DTA310 Upgrade Procedure
To upgrade your DTA310 with new firmware, you will use the
DTA310's built in web pages to specify the upgrade file name
and location. To access the DTA310’s web pages, you will
need to know the IP address of your DTA310. In many cases,
your home gateway/router has automatically assigned an IP
address to your DTA310, so it has a record of this
information. Otherwise, your DTA310’s IP address can be
obtained by following the below procedure.
Get the IP address of your DTA310:
1. Pick up the telephone handset connected to your DTA310.
2. Dial the Packet8 'MyIP' server: 012-0003.
3. This service will read the IP address of your DTA to you.
Save this information in a convenient place.
Upgrading the DTA310:
4. Open a web browser (from a machine on the same network
as the DTA310).
5. Enter the IP address of the DTA310 in the web browser
(from above).
6. Click 'download'.
7. In the 'tftp server ip:' field enter
8. In the 'filename' field enter 'current'.
9. Click 'Start TFTP Download'.
10. Once complete, reset the DTA310 by clicking on
'Reset Main Application'.
After completing these steps you may close the web
Your DTA310 has now been successfully upgraded
and is ready for normal operation."


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