Tuesday, September 16, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Something Creepy about Voiceglo: "Something Creepy about Voiceglo
I signed up for Voiceglo on August 23rd. It is now September 15th and I have not received a telephone. After weeks of silence and no replies to my emails I got a call from a lady Thursday informing me that a 916 number is now available, but I had signed up to transfer my existing phone number.

When I called in today the guy seemed confused and took a message for someone to call me. He was going to leave it on the other lady's desk (i.e. they don't have voicemail??)He thought the phone would ship 'by the end of the week.'

OK guys, by the time this phone shows up it will have been an entire month. You charged me a $13 monthly fee for absolutely no service. This was in addition to the $30 activiation fee, $10 prepaid service fee, and $11 shipping fee.

I don't have a good feeling about this. Has anybody actually gotten this service to work?"


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