Thursday, September 04, 2003

Cable Datacom News

Cable Datacom News: "Time Warner Preps For VoIP Rollouts In NC And NY This Fall
MSO Leads IP Telephony Charge With Plans To Launch Service In Three Markets
SEPTEMBER 01, 2003
By Alan Breznick, Editor, Cable Datacom News
North Carolinians like to brag that the sky over their state is shaded Carolina blue. But when Time Warner Cable officials look at the state from afar, they see a different color--green.
Time Warner has targeted North Carolina as one of the first three states where it will offer voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service over its broadband cable lines. Fresh from its initial launch of IP telephony in Portland, Maine in the spring, Time Warner plans to introduce VoIP in two mid-sized North Carolina metro areas this fall, possibly followed by another two markets shortly after that.
Besides the two North Carolina cities, Time Warner also intends to unleash VoIP commercially this fall in Rochester, N.Y., one of its two test markets for the service. But, after ruling out metro areas in Ohio and Texas for early IP telephony launches, the MSO seems largely focused on the Tar Heel State. 'We'll do Rochester and the two North Carolina markets this year, nothing in Ohio,' a company spokesman said. "


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