Saturday, September 20, 2003

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Something doesn't seem to add up with Vonage's new regulatory fee

broadband � Forums � Voice over IP � Vonage lowers rates: "If I am not mistaken by law if Vonage collects any fees or taxes for USF for state or federal reasons don't they have to itemize and detail all those fees on the bill? Meaning they would have to state which fee/tax they are collecting and the exact amount charged for each. Check your POTS and Cell phone bills, you will see they are itemized and detailed. So how can Vonage just create a fee for 'Regulatory Recovery' if they are truly paying USF right now? I am suspect as to whether this fee they are charging is really going to pay for USF and other fees or taxes right now. Jester may be right, this fee may be covering Vonage's legal expenses.

I guess I just would have a fundamental issue if a company charged me a fee that they are really not paying. I don't mind them charging me if they were actually paying that fee, but if they are not then why in the world would they be billing people for it?

What if Vonage does in fact win it's legal battles? Then wouldn't they would have collected these fees and be able to keep them and Vonage customers would have paid these fees needlessly? Has anyone read about Vonage being forced to collect these fees yet? I mean they haven't done it so far, so why do it now if you aren't being forced to do it? Also, if Vonage is arguing in court that they don't have to collect these fees, then why are they charging customers for collection of these fees? I simply don't understand how they can argue in court that they don't have to collect and pay out these fees but then they are charging customers to collect these fees?

Another confusing thing about this is how they could charge a flat rate charge for this? The laws and fees and taxes vary greatly by state, county, and even town and my bills are based on"


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