Thursday, September 04, 2003

More info on SIPhone - An Internet Extension to Your Telephone Twin

An Internet Extension to Your Telephone Twin: "An Internet Extension to Your Telephone Twin

arly adopters are sometimes frustrated by their friends' lack of interest in the latest digital toy. The makers of the SIPphone, an Internet telephone, have an answer for that problem: the device is available only in pairs.
Two SIPphones, which carry voice calls over the Internet, cost $130. Where a standard telephone has a jack for a phone line, the SIPphone has one for wired Ethernet.
Attach the phone to a high-speed Internet connection anywhere in the world, and the phone registers itself with a central directory and lets you dial any other SIPphone user. It makes no difference what Internet connection the phone uses; it can be moved at will from one to another. But SIPphone users can only call other SIPphone users, United States toll-free numbers and Internet telephone users who have registered with Free World Dialup (, ( or IAXtel ( Hence the pair of phones.
The SIPphone is not unique in offering so-called Voice Over Internet Protocol services with hardware, but it is the least expensive and has the hardware and Ethernet connection built into the phone itself. 'SIPphones are like early fax machines: not a lot of value unless you've got two of them, one for the person you want to communicate with,' said Michael Robertson, SIPphone's founder.
SIPphones are assigned virtual phone numbers beginning with 747 and followed by seven digits. But the phones cannot be reached from outside the Internet. The phones can be purchased from SIPphone's Web site ( Custom phone numbers are avail"


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