Friday, October 31, 2003

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Based on some info found on the Asterisk mailing list, I've got Packet8 working great with a softphone on my computer. I've tried several of them, and the only one I've found with a free trial that can do g.723 is the eStara phone, available from » Several others work, but don't include g.723, so you can call out but can't receive calls (which fits with what people have been saying about changing the codec setting in the DTA310 and no longer being able to receive calls). But, if all you need is to make calls, you can use the free X-lite softphone from »

On to the settings!

These are for the eStara phone, but they are generalizable to any SIP softphone.

Friendly name: {Anything you'd like.}
SIP domain:
SIP proxy:
Leave everything else at the default.

When you login, it will ask for a username and password.
Username: {Your Packet8 phone number, including leading '1'}
Password: {The 10-digit PIN code they emailed you that you entered during activation.}

And it's as simple as that. I can make calls -- in fact, multiple calls at once. And I can receive calls; both my DTA310 and my computer ring (though my computer sometimes doesn't ring; this will have something to do with a re-registration interval that I'll need to tweak at some point.)

I don't know how this will work with NAT traversal; my computer has a 'real' IP address. But it works great for me. I'm off to RadioShack to grab a headset this afternoon ."


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