Tuesday, October 28, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » P8 over dialup, yup it works!: "P8 over dialup, yup it works!
My wife unfortunately is in the hospital and of course you can't call anywhere but right around the hospital. Being the techno geek that I am, I brought her laptop, a switch and the p8 box (switch was to allow sharing the net connect to my lappy)

At first I was sure that it wasn't going to work cuz the best connection was 21k I enabled ICS and lifted the receiver and found I had dialtone! I made a quick call to my folks out of state and they thought we were at home! The sound quality was very good imho... (with that narrow bandwidth, don't expect to do anything other than call tho)

Very impressive... Now if they could get the dta to self heal like the ata does (i.e. when IP changes etc) then It would be really really cool!"


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