Sunday, October 26, 2003

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I know that there are random threads that have info about Packet8 faxing, but I've found none that focus directly on the subject...

Sooo... since I've had SOME luck with faxing on P8, Im going to start this thread.

I've gotten ONE fax through on Packet8 using the G711U codec with the silence suppression OFF. I really wnated to make it work so I tested ALL the settings and this was the only one that went through. I don't know what silence suppression does, but it seemed to work, but only ONCE.

I was also using Symantec Winfax to fax from my computer to my Efax account. Not sure if the combination of all these things was what made it work.. but I just thought I'd share.

Has anyone else had luck with faxing on Packet8?
What was YOUR recipe?"


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