Monday, October 20, 2003

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broadband » Forums » Voice over IP » Vonage SoftPhone Available: "Hmm... for $20 a month I get broadband phone AND a softphone AND all of their features. Have fun with your overpriced Vonage 'Texas phone number'. Vonage has shown their customers nothing in the past six months that even compares to VoicePulse and P8.

I used to criticize P8 but at the very least they are consistent. I used to criticize VP but at the very least they listen to their customers and give the features we ask for. I used to criticize Vonage and... hmm, what do we get? An expensive softphone, a questionable regulatory fee, more expensive business lines, spam to people who signed up for coupons, search engines filled with referral garbage and in the past 6 months most of their upper management has left a company that had the potential to 'revolutionize telecommunications'.

But you're right, obviously Vonage is the better choice."


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