Thursday, November 13, 2003

8x8 Adds Advanced Call Features to Its Packet8 Voice Over IP Calling Service

8x8 Adds Advanced Call Features to Its Packet8 Voice Over IP Calling Service: "8x8 Adds Advanced Call Features to Its Packet8 Voice Over IP Calling Service

8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT), the broadband voice and video communications service provider, today announced the addition of advanced calling features to its Packet8 voice and video communications service. The new features included in all Packet8 calling plans are call waiting, call waiting caller ID, hold, call alternate and 3-way conferencing.

The new user features, traditionally offered as premium services by legacy telephone service providers, are immediately available to existing Packet8 subscribers and included at no charge with every new Packet8 subscription. The Company also announced that it has added several new support and diagnostic features to its Desktop Terminal Adapter model 310 (DTA-310), the industry's most advanced voice over IP terminal adapter.

The following Packet8 features provide residential Packet8 subscribers the ability to communicate over the phone with more than one person at a time more efficiently.
-- 3 Way Conferencing provides users the ability to connect up to three
parties on the same call and also drop the last party to enter the conference;
-- Call Waiting provides users the ability to answer more than one call
at a time or make a call while already on the phone;
-- Call Waiting Caller ID provides users the ability to see the caller
ID number of additional calls presented when already on the phone;
-- Hold enables users the ability to put calls on mute or hold to
retrieve another call or make another call from a single telephone
with a single line; and
-- Line Alternate enables users to switch between calls or make a call
when already on the phone.

With these new user features included in its base offering, Packet8 continues to bridge the gap with traditional telephone service providers, while offering all inclusive broadband communication services at a single, bundled price. "Our communication service with unlimited calling plans, no contracts or early termination fees, and risk free trial periods coupled with our newest release of multiple call handling and conferencing features will continue to demonstrate the value of our communications offering compared to traditional telephone networks," said Bryan R. Martin, Chief Executive Officer of 8x8.

The new diagnostic features will also improve the ease with which a subscriber can install Packet8. New support and diagnostic features include voice prompt support, missing IP address indicator, network problem indicator and improved facility for downloading new firmware to the Packet8 DTA, including an "upgrade-by-phone" feature which will upgrade Packet8 endpoints with the latest features by simply making a telephone call.


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