Thursday, November 27, 2003

Joe Gratz's Blog - Comments on "Packet8"

Joe Gratz's Blog - Comments on "Packet8": "I signed up for the Packet8 service on 7-24-03. No problems at all signing up. I received my DTA and went through all the instructions on setting it up and could not get a dial tone at all. I called up and after many unreturned phone calls I ended up speaking to 3 different people trying to get the thing working. We did everything reboot router, reboot DTA, connect the DTA directly to the broadband modem. Nothing worked. I spent two weeks trying to get in touch with the different tech support people that they told me I needed to speak to. Finally someone asked me what broadband service I used. Time Warner’s Road Runner. He stated that they were having issues with getting their equipment to work with Time Warner. I asked about returning the DTA and getting a refund. They wanted me to return it at my cost. After a couple more phone calls, they finally had UPS pick it up and a refund was issued about two weeks later. Two days later they bill my credit card again for the monthly service charge. Now I am trying to get through to someone to take care of that issue. I just now received another phone call from another tech support person calling me to help me get hooked up with that damn DTA that was already returned to the company over 3 weeks ago. It is hard to say anything good about a company that does not return phone calls, does not list problems with their service, does not stand up to their mistakes, does not do anything a good company should do except supposedly offer a cheaper service with less quality than other companies. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and filed a chargeback with the credit card company. "


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