Friday, October 08, 2004

8x8 Announces Availability of Virtual and Toll Free Numbers for Packet8 Virtual Office Business VoIP Service

8x8 Announces Availability of Virtual and Toll Free Numbers for Packet8 Virtual Office Business VoIP Service: "Effective immediately, Packet8 Virtual Office users can now choose various new services including Virtual Phone Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, and Switchboard Operator Console.
Virtual Phone Numbers allow Virtual Office subscribers to provide local inbound telephone numbers from areas outside of their main number or extension DIDs. Subscribers can select Virtual Numbers from all United States area codes Packet8 supports for a small monthly fee of $4.95 per number and a one-time activation fee of $9.95. Adding Virtual Numbers offers benefits such as enabling an enterprise to show a local presence in a geographic area without physically residing there and facilitating a cost-savings local calling capability for an organization's customers or colleagues.
The second new Virtual Office service is Toll Free Numbers, an inexpensive way for Virtual Office subscribers to offer clients the ability to contact them at no charge regardless of their location inside the United States or the company's location worldwide. Packet8's Toll Free Service Plan involves a flat monthly fee of $4.95 including 100 minutes of inbound toll-free calls and an industry low of 3.9 cents a minute thereafter for inbound calls. A one time $9.95 activation fee per number applies.
Finally, Virtual Office users can now expand the functionality of their system with Switchboard, Virtual Office's Operator Software Console Application, available for $19.95 per month with a $9.95 activation fee. Switchboard improves the efficiency of an operator's call management by providing a receptionist with a graphical overview of the users on the virtual office service and a simple way to manage an organization's telecommunication activity. Switchboard works on a PC in conjunction with the Internet and the Virtual Office telephones. Additionally, Switchboard enables operators to have:
-- Direct status view of extension's status: DND, On-line, idle
-- Click to call, click to transfer call control
-- Direct transfer to extension and voice mail
-- Supervised transfers


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