Friday, October 08, 2004

Internet Telephone Service Offers Added Measure of Security for Residents of Hurricane Prone Regions

Internet Telephone Service Offers Added Measure of Security for Residents of Hurricane Prone Regions: "According to Dr. Alan Lefkowitz, a subscriber to the Packet8 VoIP phone service, while traditional phone systems in the hard hit region were disabled from the storm, his broadband internet phone service not only kept on working but experienced no degradation in quality or consistency through even the worst phases of Hurricane Frances.
'I initially became a subscriber of the Packet8 internet phone service because I wanted low cost unlimited calling to various U.S. cities where other family members live,' said Dr. Lefkowitz. 'Little did I realize that I was also getting a very reliable phone service that would keep on functioning even during a hurricane.'
A story in the September 14, 2004 edition of the Palm Beach Post stated, 'More than 90,000 BellSouth customers in the four-county region were still without phone service as of late Monday, and company officials say restoring complete service to the area could take as long as three weeks.'
Dr. Lefkowitz's Packet8 VoIP phone service operates over a broadband cable internet connection which suffered no ill effects from the storm. Though he did lose electric power for a few days, once electricity was restored there was no waiting for the local phone company to re-establish his service.
'This example illustrates how VoIP services like Packet8 can enhance the overall reliability of our telecommunications systems,' said Bryan Martin, Chairman and CEO of 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT - News), provider of the Packet8 service. 'By providing additional paths for communications into and out of the home, we are building on the number of ways people can communicate during or after a disaster."


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