Sunday, October 10, 2004

[Packet8] Tell my why not to get Vitual Office

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Hi Everyone. I've read a lot here and posted many questions which got some great answers. Now I am about to take the plunge and get Virtual Office for my 3-person business. All three of us work mostly from cellphones or at home (though we do have one office in Chicago that gets used occasionally) and one of us is in San Francisco.

So P8's Virtual Office sounds nearly perfect, at $120/month for three lines of unlimited calling. I wish we didn't have to buy three full-price incoming/outgoing lines (we will never be using more than one line to call out at a time), but at $40 each it's not too bad, and there is a built-in auto attendant which is fantastic. On the downside, it seems the lines aren't so feature-rich (no call hunting or voicemail email notification.

Am I missing anything? Am I making a mistake? What should I worry about? "


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