Thursday, November 18, 2004

Survey: VoIP Can Save Enterprises From $9,600 To $28,000 Per Site


Survey: VoIP Can Save Enterprises From $9,600 To $28,000 Per Site

"A new study has found that it costs an enterprise between $525 and $1,512 per user to implement VoIP, but the eventual savings can be substantial, ranging between $9,600 and $28,000 per site annually for large enterprises.

The study, "Convergence: Reality at Last," by Nemertex Research, asserts that startup costs are dependent on a number of variables, include enterprise size and which vendor companies chose to supply the VoIP solution. It found that size does matter, and that the average initial cost of a VoIP deployment, including hardware such as IP PBXs and handsets as well as planning an implementation services, was $525 per user in deployments of 1000 users or more, and $763 in deployments of 100 users and less.

On average, according to Nemertes, companies spend $17,220 on network assessments, to determine whether their existing data networks are ready to carry voice traffic.

There are substantial cost savings to be had in VoIP for companies, though. The report note that large companies can save between $9,600 and $28,000 per site annually on local loop costs by converging their networks, and mid-sized enterprises can realize annual cost reductions of between $4,800 and $9,600. However, according to Robin Gareiss, Nemertes principal research officer and the report's author, enterprises have to be careful to consider the differences in real costs when planning a VoIP implementation."